Worship &            Bible Study
Worship Services

  Sunday Mornings  9:30 AM.

  Saturday Evenings   6:00 PM.

  The Villa of West Branch,  Thursdays   10:00 AM.

Communion Policy

Oneness at communion presupposes oneness in doctrine.  Since we are joined together spiritually when we receive our Lord's body and    blood (found in the bread and the wine received), we join in eating and drinking with those who believe as we do.  For this reason, the LC-MS practices close communion, and we invite members of any LC-MS congregation to commune with us.  For this reason also, guests from other denominations who desire to receive this Holy Supper are kindly asked to speak with the Pastor prior to worship. 

We invite all who will not be communing with us, to come forward during the Communion distribution and receive a blessing from the Pastor.

Children's Sunday School

  Sunday Mornings  10:50 AM  >   2 through 13 years old.

Adult Bible Studies

  Sunday Mornings  8:30 AM     All are welcome!

  Monday Mornings   10:00 AM   All are welcome!

  Men's Bible Study   2nd and 4th Tuesdays  7:00 PM.

  Women's Bible Study  >  Contact the Church Office for more information.